Our Buffer Zone Story



Our first event, the photography exhibition of theArtUnited in the Buffer Zone was a great success. The photography exhibition was open for 3 days, 26-28 June during the Unite Cyprus Now protest within the Buffer Zone. After the end of the exhibition the photos were sold and all the proceeds from the sale of the photos was donated to the UCN initiative which is a grass roots independent self-funded initiative of Cypriots from all communities promoting actions in support of peace and the reunification of the island through a negotiated settlement of the Cyprus problem.

The photography exhibition was held by five photographers who are invited by theArtUnited group who declaims that they acknowledge the mistakes of the past and feel the pain of the war and division that’s why they believe that all the Cypriots need to be together in one Cyprus.

They say that: “We are a group of Cypriot photographers united by Art.
We find friendship in each other, we can see our common causes. We acknowledge the mistakes of the past and we feel the pain of the war and division . We need to be together in one Cyprus.
The green line that has kept us apart all these years, is an open wound. Each one of us struck by this symbol of division and pain, has tried to approach it from a photographic point of view It is a part of our homeland.. yet inaccessible, dead, filled by memories and ghosts..
For the last month, the Nicosia buffer zone has come back to life. Both Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been gathering at the buffer zone and demanding PEACE and a reunited Cyprus. This gives us faith for each other, gives us hope for a united future.
We have joined our artistic forces and produced some photos of the buffer zone story.
We would like to exhibit them and share them in that very part of Nicosia the Buffer zone.
We want a solution that safeguards peace and safety.
We want to breath life to the dead zone.
We want to show to the world that we can be together.

The photographers included in the exhibition is Bobbe Theoklitou, Tijen Erol, Niki Gavrielides, Mehmet Yakup and Ismail Gökçe

Framing Beyon the Walls

"I am inspired by the stories of the people and cultures. I like to travel and learn more about the people and places and like to see how they live. I am mostly interested in the Documentary photography as I like to pursue the stories of all kinds."

"I was born in Cyprus and graduated from department of Engineering Sciences in METU and MBA in EMU. I took courses on Photography in Central Saint Martins College and graduated from ‘Photography and Camera Operation’ in Anadolu University."

"Because of my intense interest on diverse cultures and social issues, my photographs are mostly on people, life, travel and cultures."

Click to read more and to look at the project pictures http://www.see.me/creators//tijen-erol

imAge - finalists announced

imAge - Finalists Announced

The 25 finalists in the YOUMANITY annual photography award have been announced. The contest attracted over 1,200 submissions from photographers in 32 different countries. 

The judges ranked the finalists in the following order:

  1. Elise Jacob
  2. Francesco Ruffoni
  3. Abhijit Chakraborty
  4. Andrea Cattaneo
  5. Simona Lomurno
  6. Izabela Urbaniak
  7. Allan Weber
  8. Grzegorz Piaskowski
  9. Anna Hoffman
  10. Laura Liverani
  11. Valentina Pavone
  12. Arne Wesenberg
  13. Anne Clements
  14. Bente Stachowske
  15. Kirsten Quist
  16. Iolanda Pazzanese
  17. Alex Boyd
  18. Krishnasis Ghosh
  19. Aydin Cetinbostanoglu
  20. Claudio Dell'Osa
  21. Danika Voneki
  22. Elisa Turiani
  23. Jan Enkelmann
  24. Tijen Erol
  25. Zoya Yakovleva

The quality and the variety of this year’s award has been outstanding. I can only hope that our efforts may help in someway to raise more awareness of the social situation affecting the Elderly worldwide. The entries received underline a marked disparity between those elderly who enjoy a happy retirement life, and those who have no choice but to work in order to support themselves,” stated Angelo Iudice, Chair of YOUMANITY. 

imAge photographic entries were assessed by the following distinguished panel:

Anne Williams, Director of Photography, London College of Communication 

Cristobal Catalan, Creative Director, Liminal Senses Productions

Michael Pritchard, Director-General, The Royal Photographic Society

Marco Delogu, Director, Italian Cultural Institute, London

Roger Tooth, Head of Photography, The Guardian

The imAge project was supported by Reloacabroad   Castel di Pietra   GAL Meridaunia   Li Veli   Brainpull   Exhibit Events  TimpsonsGreat night at the King’s College London for the grand opening of imAge - challenging stereotypes of older people.

The exhibition explores how the concept of age is perceived in the different countries.

Photographers from the international scene attended the private view.

Special guests included the Consul General of Italy, Dr Massimiliano Mazzanti, the Mayor of Merton, C.llr David Chung, Mayor of Wandsworth, C.llr Nicola Nardelli, Mayor of Camden, C.llr Larraine Revah, Mayor of Islington, C.llr Richard Greening, the President of King’s College, Prof. Edward Byrne, the Policy and Campaigns Manager of AGE UK, Gordon Deuchars, and Angelo Iudice, Chair of YOUMANITY

The Years in Between

The Years in Between

Elsie Slonim is a Jewish who was born in America during the I. World War. In 1939, married her husband in America and moved together to Cyprus. As a Jewish, she has deeply experienced the pain of the II. World War as she has lost all her relatives except for her immediate family members, her father, mother and sister, in the Holocaust.

During the II. World War, they have been sent to Israel, Palestinian at that time, as refugees by the British Government in Cyprus. However, they returned back to Cyprus after the war.

She lost her husband and her two children between 2005 and 2011. Now, she is 98 years old and the only civilian living in the military Buffer Zone, which separates two communities in Cyprus, created after the war in 1974.

After her first book ‘Lemons from Paradise’ published in 2012, which was about her life in between America, Austria, Cyprus and Israel, she is now working on her second book that will also cover her memories about the Auschwitz.