A Dream Comes True....

The theme of this year's Uppsala Fotofestival was DREAM. 24 solo exhibitions and one street group exhibition of 15 photographers had a chance to exhibit their DREAMS.

"In Uppsala there is a widespread interest in photography. We are many practitioners of the art form; professional photographers, amateurs, freelancers, students, and more. The county has several training programs in secondary and college, numerous photo associations, associations which offer courses in photography, as well as galleries and museums showcasing photographic art. It is also something that most people practice some form and have feelings.

Therefore, this is how they started Uppsala Photo Festival, to create a platform for photography in Uppsala, a development opportunity and inspiration, collaboration and visibility for both photographers and photo enthusiasts." say the two festival producers and project managers Anna Lundgren and Idit Margulis.

"In four years, Uppsala Photo Festival has grown into an international event with an extensive program of four legs; exhibitions, lectures, workshops and competitions. Since 2012, we have a theme each year, which was Movement in 2012, Emotions in 2013, and SELF in 2015.

This year, 2017, the theme was DREAMS.

I had my solo exhibition "Framing Beyond the Wall" about my dream of a United Cyprus, in Uppsala Castle, Peace House with around 40 photos from my project. The festival was a great success with great exhibitions, activities for the children and youth, lectures and workshops and many visitors.